Squeeze Play

    • graz187
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      Hi all,
      I play micro stakes below NL10 and ive noticed that whenever I see what looks like a squeeze play oppertunity the villian is never bluffing. a, I giving to much credit to low stakes players? Do they even know about the squeeze play?
      Ex. tonight I was palying a full ring table 5 people including myself limped in and the button raised 35 BB's. I thought to my self this guy has got to be squeezing, he wasnt. He showed 77 I had 55.sucked out a 5 on the river but this sort of thing happens all the time. Should I forget about the squeeze until I get to bigger stakes?
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    • matusko
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      some people squeeze some dont, make notes. but by default you can assume they are not bluffing until you get a read on them. I wouldnt squeeze too much in the micros because people are going to call very light, look for perfect spots(like loose button steal, tag call from sb u are bb)