Should I start recording my tournaments?

    • RGOD2
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      Was playing on full tilt a few days back .
      Got to a stage where I was not focusing properly which happens to the best of us a times .
      Only to realize that the pot I was in with the chip leader was split between the 2 of us when I won it . There where no straights of flushes to chop it . then I got cut off at 2am because of connection problems in 300 and odd position . It was a huge field and surviving so long was a Feat in itself, Making some great laydowns when chip leaders where gunning for me Trash hands .
      And thats the point
      even though I know they are playing trash hands just to outdraw me
      I still do not fall for the Bait
      Or Do I ?
      Could playing in the first place be the trap ?
      But it makes me happy and I enjoy the thrill of it .
      So I think I will let Lemmy from "MOTORHEAD" make the Rebuttle for the 2 of US :f_rolleyes:
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    • poupou
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      You mean you want to record your tournaments because some pot went to split even though you don't think it should have?

      I mean you can allways get the handhostory for the hand and post it here and if it's really a bug or something I'm sure they'll look into it and compensate you somehow. :f_confused:

      Although I really don't think that's what happened...
    • Waiboy
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      Hey RGOD2

      Sounds to me that you need to study more so you can appreciate better what is happening. There are situations in a tournament where it is correct to bet all in with any two cards, and correct to call an all in with any two cards. The goal is to learn well enough that you can make these plays.

      I hope this makes sense. :f_grin: