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[5 Card Draw] A Blog For Draw Players!

    • FearedBeing
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 28
      A Blog For Draw Players! 

      Hi everyone!

      If you opened this thread, I'm going to assume you have, just like me, some interest in the game of 5 card draw, or some other kind of draw games. Wheter you're often playing this game, or if you've just tried once or twice, you will surely have noticed the huge lack of content on the Internet about 5 card draw. Apart from a few questions here and there on different forums and a couple links to some playing advices, there's nothing! Nothing at all!

      The motivation behind this blog is to create a place where draw players can come and discuss about the game, where they can share their thoughts about some hands or tough spots, and where they can learn a thing or two by reading about other people's ideas. And also just to have some fun! :P

      About me!

      Well, since I'm starting this blog, I feel like there's the obligation to present myself... I'm a young Canadian living in the city of Montreal (Bonjour à tous les Québécois! :D ). I'm currently studing in Mathematics and Computer Science, as these are two of my biggest field of interest!! As for my job, I am running since January my own small buisness of professional residencial paint jobs! Although this is totally unrelated to my field of study, I really like doing this and it's also a wonderful learning experience.

      As for poker, I have been playing very sporadicly since October 2009. I've started here, on PokerStrategy, thanks to the 50$ starting capital!! I've tried all sorts of hold'em games: I've played some limit and no limit cash games, I've done lots of SnGs, and also a couple of MTTs. I wasn't really serious at that time, so I got my bankroll down to about 10$... And then I stopped for a couple of months. When I came back, around June last year, I tried games other than Hold'em, and had quite a lot of success in 5 card draw. So I played this particular game more and more, all while trying to find some ressources about the game, to no avail. Nonetheless, I still managed to get my BR back up to 45$ with .1/.2 draw alone! But, in September, when the school began, I stopped playing for the second time...

      Now, I coming back to the game of 5 card draw. But, this time around, I would like to be able to share my thoughts and my expericences with others, as this will be much more fun than simply grinding the small tables alone... And that's my motivation for writing this blog!!

      The blog

      As I've stated earlier, I'd like this blog to become a place where draw players can enjoy the game together. Kind of a mix between a small work group and a place to simply discuss and have fun! For my part, it will also be a way to enjoy the game a whole lot more, to share some of my hands and analysis with others, and to help out other draw players by giving my thoughts of some hands or on some strategy.

      To keep this blog active, I will post twice a week updates on my play and on my bankroll, aswell as some hands to discuss about (or maybe just to show-off! :P ). Of course, I'll try to keep up with your posts by visiting the thread at least once a day!!

      On your part, feel free to post some of your own hands, to comment on mine, and to share some of your own draw adventures! Or simply to follow and read the blog! As long as you have fun reading this, and maybe learn a thing or two, I'll be happy to have helped a fellow draw player! :)

      Current bankroll

      I'll use this space to post my graphs and to keep up with my bankroll. I'll update this about twice a week, or once I get enough hands played for it to be worth while...

      For this first post, I could post my old graph from last June to September, but I want this blog to be a new start. So, I'll wait for a bit a post a new graph soon..

      Bankroll as of March, 11:
      Sessions played: 2
      Hands played: 326
      Bankroll: 46,50$
      Total Win/Loss since the beginning of the blog: 2,02$

      Update Log

      For prosperity, and also for easier searchs when this thread will get a few pages long, I will post a link to each of my bankroll updates.

      Last Update: March 11

      So this is it for now... I'm heading off to the tables so I can post my very first update pretty soon! While waiting for that first graph, feel free to say hello, as I would really like to see how many draw players are here and share the beginning of my "journey" with you guys!!

      P.S. Sorry if you find any typos, I hope I haven't left a ton of them in there...
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    • FearedBeing
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 28
      Hi guys!

      I played my first couple of sessions in quite some time, and I'm pretty happy about it. I didn't play a lot of hands, but I managed to get my head back in the game pretty fast!

      The first session went really well, I was getting lots of big hands, and was able to turn them into winning hands easily. I also got some lucky draws, so everything was very nice. The second session had this rollercoaster feeling, where I took a big drop in the beginning, before managing to make up for some of these losses. The main reason I think I went through this drop is that I wasn't wasn't paying enough attention to the other players, missing on some valuable info that would have been very helpful... I'll watch out for that in my next sittings.

      Now, for the stats:
      Sessions: 2
      Hands: 326
      Win/Loss: 2,02$
      Bankroll: 46,50$

      And the beginning of my new graph:

      Finaly, here's some situations I had to play that left me wondering wheter I made the right move or not...

      Hand #1

      6-handed action, Hero is UTG.
      Hero is dealt [ K:spade:] [ K:diamond:] [ K:heart:] [ J:diamond:] [ 8:club:]

      Hero raises to 0,20$; MP raises to 0,30$; CO folds; D calls; SB folds; BB caps to 0,40$; Hero??

      Trip Kings is a really strong hand pre-draw, but here I decided to let it go. From my point of view, I'm clearly not ahead here, and the chances to get better are very slim (best bet is to go for the quads, so I've got only 1 out). I am pretty sure that between the 3 villains, at least one already has a pat hand, because it is really rare (at least for me!) to see 3-bets, and even more caps! And even if no one has such a hand, the pot's gonna be so huge that at least one will stay pat as a bluff anyway, leaving me absolutely no clue where my trips stands. My call: FOLD. (sadly ;( )

      Hand #2

      6-handed action, Hero is SB.
      Hero is dealt [ 9:spade:] [ 9:diamond:] [ 9:heart:] [ Q:diamond:] [ 8:heart:]

      3 folds; D raises to 0,20$; Hero raises to 0,30$; BB folds; D calls.

      Hero draws 2, changing [ Q:diamond:] [ 8:heart:] for [ T:diamond:] [ 6:club:]
      D draws 3.

      Hero bets 0,20$; D raises to 0,40$; Hero??

      This is a pretty standard situation that comes up often, so I think it's pretty important to know how to play this position. Let's go through the situation. D is attacking the blinds, which means that he has at minimum a middle-to-high pair. The pre-draw raise for me is pretty straight forward: no slowplay for trips!

      At the draw, the fact that I drew 2 cards means that either I'm on trips, either I'm keeping a kicker to a pair, but since I reraised predraw, I think the image I have is the former. D drawing 3 cards simply confirms that he was on a pair, and that I'm way ahead pre-draw.

      Knowing that I'm ahead, raising here is the easy play. But, then he reraises me. This reraise shows a lot of strength. As I've said earlier, my image is pretty much sold on trips. That means that D is either bluffing or he thinks he is now ahead, which means that he got at least trips on the draw.

      I think that D is not bluffing here, so I put him on trips. Not only that, but since the predraw play showed that he had a middle-to-high pair (since he probably wouldn't raise a small pair on the button), I think he has a middle-to-high trips. In that range, my three nines are looking kind of weak. So after all of this analysis, I think the good play here would be to FOLD! (Although I still called at the table..)


      Sorry if that last analysis was kind of long-drawn, but I tried to describe my thought process as much as possible at the same time. I tried to through a simiar process each hands, and this as brought me a lot of success in the micro stakes games!

      So, what are your takes on the two situations? Do you think these are two folds too?

      I'm off to the tables, see ya later!
    • JonnyJr555
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 1,122
      Hello FearedBeing, this is JonnyJr555 from PokerStrategy Indian Community!

      First of all i feel a great joy to join a buddy like u to share 5CD game adventures. :D
      Let me introduce myself, i am from PokerStrategy Indian Community which obviously tells that i play from India. I started playing 5CD for "REAL MONEY" after winning $6 in a FREEROLL tourney at FTP in November 2010. Since then i started grinding with these $6 and reached max. peak of (something between $110-$120) playing only 5 Card Draw ring games later due to less availability of higher stake tables i took a little turn and engaged into Rush poker Holdem , this is where my downswing began and getting down and down, tilts over tilts my bankroll today is approx. $9 (ridiculous u see)

      So now after taking a break(day before yesterday) i have started playing NL,PL 5CD again and i am more determined to follow draw poker only with 25x Roll Management rule.

      My Game
      I multi-table 6-7 5CD tables
      $0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05 PL,NL with minimum buyin $0.70 and $1.75 respectively.
      Screen Name: (FTP: JonnyJr_555) (STARS: JonnyJr.555)
      Bankroll: (FTP: $9.19) (STARS: NIL :D )

      I will catchup with u later, meanwhile can u tell which software u use for those graphs above? :s_confused: :s_confused:
    • FearedBeing
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 28
      Hi Jonny!

      Nice to meet an other draw player!!

      For my graphs (and for other standard tracker uses), I'm using a program called PokerHands, which you can find somewhere here. The catch is that it is a old outdated software, and it has no support since... a long time ago. If you browse the thread, I think you can find somewhere a link to a file that will make the program work.

      Also, since it is an old program, I'm not sure FullTilt 5CD hands can be imported in the software (since it's a recent addition to their site). But then again I haven't tried it myself...

      Going back to the tables, and I'm going to do an update on my BR in the next few days. (currently in an upswing, so it should a positive update!) :D