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poker is Hawt 70$ to... (now @ 408$) added graphs

    • Frankyx911
      Joined: 03.06.2010 Posts: 25
      me, myself and poker

      Sup my name is Frank
      Im 28 yrs old
      Working on landscaping during summers and Pizza delivery driver on winters (actualy working 2 Jobs as driver for 2 restaurents)
      I live on the outskirts of montreal, QC , Canada
      So yes I am a french canadian ....(You can put any spelling mistakes in the category and just forget about it :f_biggrin: )

      BTW I do this for fun between sessions to cool off so you dont have to read the whole thing! lol theres regular update so it can get long ;)

      The blog : Observation on my own progress and sharing my tought process so we can discuss it

      The Plan : Getting to grind NL50 whit 12+ tables and whit out investing any more money ! ( starting whit 78$)

      I started playing online poker in 2006 as a casual player not really interested in strategys but more about fun
      Made a few deposits on Party Poker, FullTilt
      Used the free 50$ no deposit on FullTilt,UB and Absolute (from diffent poker sites)
      I started playing on poker 888 on 01/20/2011 whit the free 8$
      Playing mostly NL2 FR and NL6 SH both BSS

      Started reading Strategys and watch video/coatchings in 12/10/2010 along whit taking those free 50$ no deposit bonus
      And failed to apply those strategy in the right situation.. that led to...I lost it all

      I've lost evrything but the free 8$ on poker 888 witch I managed to grow to 25$
      then added a 40$ deposit so I could get some 100% bonus to grind out
      Grinded up to 195$ playing NL6 SH in about..... 1-2 months
      Then moved up to NL10 FR where i lost 125$ in 3 days
      I was playing only 2 tables at that time and ... It was ok for SH as you get more action but failed in FR having a way to high VPIP/PFR

      Playing long hours (around 8h/day) It can be ... long to wait for hands at 2 tables FR

      I had an avrg VPIP/PFR of... 26/18 in both FR and SH at that time (20k hand sample)

      On 2/17/2011 whit 70$ bankroll left I decided to move down to NL2 FR where I lost another 10$ whit the same kind of VPIP on 2 tables...
      Started posting on forums for help and started to use a HUD there ...
      started to use things I've learnt from strategy articles and videos by the letter! in a more 'situational' way instead of just... standard moves
      Meaning no more I need my own style to be at least 50% different then what they say it should,
      no more: I think he's such a weak player that I can still be way ahead
      I was told that whit the amount of hours I was playing maybe 2 tables was the issue ... getting bored and doing something else at the same time (youtube,chating, reading strategies,ect...)
      or just playing to many hands uder the impression that I was not playing enough pots or letting to many slip away...
      And it was true I was watching vids or reading strategys,chating while playing way to many hands

      The whole Idea here is :
      I'm a gamer...
      I pass more time at my computer then anywhere else (55h+ a week) ...
      Mostly playing poker and free mmorpgs!
      I'm far from rich working 7days/week as a pizza delivery driver and more money would be welcome now ... if you add it up ...
      I pass more time in front of my computer then anything else and would like more money ... why not learn some ways I have fun that makes a +$$ income out of those hours...
      Why not learn poker and be profitable instead of just for fun?
      Wouldnt 55+ hours a week of extra income while having fun be nice?

      So here I am playing NL2 FR at poker888 whit a new HUD, a tighter range (aprox VPIP/PFR 16/10, 4 tables, and new ways of looking at evry hand (oponent range,position,board texture) instead of (my hand,the board,bluffing)

      Using Hold'em manager to keep track of my own overall range seems to have been key + VPIP/PFR of vilain for actions to take ex:bet-raise-fold


      As of 2/18/2011 9:38 PM (eastern time GMT-5)
      I had only 3$ on FullTilt poker but i got an E-mail for 2,70 rakeback + a coworker of mine said he quit online poker and sent me is 11,99 he had left so...

      Starting bankroll : 17,60$ FullTilt
      27% rakeback from :D TY

      As of 2/17/2011 9:37 PM (eastern time GMT-5)
      Starting bankroll : 60,03$ Poker888

      COMBINED ROLL : 77,73$
      Quick update :
      5k hands
      my range still hovers around 16/10 after 5k hands
      I still find way to many time to do something else so I'll try to add 2 more tables for a total of 6

      As of 2/20/2011 11:10 AM
      FullTilt Bankroll : 40,76$

      As of 2/20/2011 2:45 PM
      Poker888 Bankroll : 76,06$

      COMBINED ROLL : 116,82$
      Quick Update :
      10k hands
      keeping the same exact range ... feels kinda strange as from one table to the other my stats are completly different but...
      I guess overall I still play 16/10 whit a nice profit ...
      I'm having a hard time whit my non-showdown winnings eating away almost 25% my profit
      My sisters boyfriend asked me for a transfer so I gave Him 20$ off my Poker888 roll (same as cashing out he pays me in cash ...)
      And my girlfriend asked for some on FTP so I gave her 6$ too

      As of 2/26/2011 3:00 AM
      FullTilt Bankroll : 60,45$ (-6$) 54,45$

      As of 2/26/2011 10:35 AM
      Poker888 Bankroll : 94,30$ (-20$) 74,30$

      COMBINED ROLL : 154,74$ (-26$) 128,74$
      Quick Update :
      20k Hands
      6 Tables was a succes ...
      After watching the video from about NAnoko (a pokerstars online pro) I decided to try out 9 tables... to see if I'm still profitable
      This will probably be my max tables cuz they look pretty small on a 22 inch wide screen
      I think my range will shrink a bit as I try to eliminate tough spots that i dont have time to take care of if I have 4-5 active pots at a time
      I just split up whit my Girl friend after 6 years and it had some really bad effects on todays session and I dont think I'll play if I keep this mind state...
      My sisters boyfriend asked me for some more money but on FTP this time so I transferd him 10$
      I'm getting really bored of grinding NL2... but I've fixed a Bankroll rule of 25BI of the limit I play...
      On FTP that would mean 125 for NL5
      On poker888... I've managed to start a NL6 FR table and fill it up but there was none to start whit ... and next limit is NL10 where there was only 4 tables active ?( Starting to think of a whitdrawl ... as I dont even have rakeback there...

      By the way to those playing NL2 ...
      I hardly find 9 tables at 30%+ play/flop and more then 15BB avrg pot on FTP altho they have more active tables
      But on Poker888 even if there is only 12 active tables I can easily get 7 out of those 9 whit more then 40% player/flop and 30+BB avrg pot
      This is reaaaaaaally profitable ...
      altho sometimes ... a little tilting ... as you raise 4-5BB UTG whit AK and get .... 6 calls... getting your AK really bad equitty TPTK to be avoided
      Or getting aces cracked by J3s all-in preflop for a full buy-in...
      Anyways :

      As of 3/07/2011 2:00 AM
      FullTilt Bankroll: 81,23$ (-10$) 71,23$

      As of 3/07/2011 4:45 AM
      Poker888 Bankroll: 110,07$ * It went all the way to 135$.... But I played a TERRIBLE session when I broke up with my Girlfriend and ... ended up - 12,5BI in less then 2hrs

      COMBINED ROLL : 191,30$ (-10$) 181,30$
      Quick Update:
      27k HAnds
      9 tables is ... mostly unknown
      I still make a profit but no more then at 6 tables
      I think my range dropped even more (10/8) to a point I've got a hard time getting paid
      Result of having even less time to think about actions vilain ect...
      Getting 6 active pots at a time I have a hard time recalling pre-flop action of all tables on the turn/river...

      I've decided to go back on the tables the next morning (3/08/2011) telling myself that my life (FML by the way... see latter) will always have waves in it so... I better get used to it
      So i started playing keeping in mind that my 'metal state' could afect my judgement...
      Positiv results I was surprised ... I did even better then before

      As said earlier... I'm a pizza guy ... a driver... working at 2 different restaurent... 7 days a week
      So The next day (3/09/2011) I'm working a 6h shift and 45 min before I'm done ... the cops pull me over to tell me that...
      my drivers liscence is expired from 2 months ago...
      I moved a few months ago and... didnt think about it or changing my mailing adress so I never got the notice
      They impounded my car for 30 days and give me a nice 500$ fine... (the impound beeing 15$ a day for 30days +450$)
      SO here i go ... no more girlfriend... no car +1000$ fine/impound and no Job since I cant drive whit no car...

      Well I got home... and grinded some more waiting for the newspaper on the next day to try to find a job I could go on foot :D
      AND still made a nice profit...

      Was getting ready to go look for a job the next day when...
      I told about it to my landlord that owns a machinist shop on the same lot that I live... well... He game me a job ;)
      working night shift alone ... but he tells me to bring myself a laptop to pass time between machine cycles... so
      I've got a job 5 second from my door... where i can be paid while playing poker ??????????????????????
      Life as a fun way to turn things around

      I've started opening table from 1 limit higher on both sites (NL5 and 6) but just 1 or 2 whit 6-8 tables of NL2
      opening 9 tables of nl5 on ftp would take 1/2 my roll :f_confused:
      As of 3/10/2011 5:00 AM
      FullTilt Bankroll: 94,48$

      As of 3/10/2011 4:45 AM
      Poker888 Bankroll: 111,17$ (mostly played on FTP)

      COMBINED ROLL : 205,65$
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    • Frankyx911
      Joined: 03.06.2010 Posts: 25
      Quick Update
      31k hands
      My range went back to 16/10 at 9 tables...
      Its actualy quiet easy when I'm not stoned !! LOL
      After smoking a big one I have a tendency to fixate on 1 pot and forget the other tables that time out .... OMG :f_eek:
      But its ok rest of the time I'm way ahead ...
      Playing only NL5 now and ... NL10 is really not that far away
      Stoped playing on poker888 completly... not enough tables past NL2
      So I will cash it out and redeposit it somewhere whit rakeback or good promo either Pstars or Partypok
      I think about moving up to 12 tables if things keep on going that good

      *** AND most important of all ... my non showdown winnings are back on track!! Was leaking 25% my BR at one point and now its goin to tha green side :f_cool:

      As of 3/14/2011 4:30 PM
      FullTilt Bankroll : 150.03$

      As of 3/14/2011 4:30 PM
      Poker888 Bankroll : 111.17$
      COMBINED ROLL : 261.20$
    • Frankyx911
      Joined: 03.06.2010 Posts: 25
      here ... just to show what i meant by non showdown madness

    • Frankyx911
      Joined: 03.06.2010 Posts: 25
      Quick Update
      40K hands
      ** 1st month is over! project recap and graphs

      POKER :
      I've cashed out 90$ of the 116$ I had on poker888 waiting for the check by mail as they wouldnt allow me to cashout using since I didnt deposit using that method or something like that... :f_confused:
      I just kept 26$ in case of a nice tourney I want to attend too....

      **** From now on I will post eclusivly about FULLTILT sessions so On next post I will take out Poker888 roll and Hand history of the equation

      *Final Bankroll graph for Poker888 at bottom*

      I've kept playing 9 tables mostly
      Only NL5 since I've hit 100$
      Will hit NL10 tomorrow since I told myself I would give it a shot at 25 BI
      But will go back down to NL5 if I hit 150$
      my VPIP droped 1% and my PFR went up 1% to 15/11
      my 3 Bet% went up 2,7%... from 4,4 to 7.1% witch I find is a lot ....

      (more then 1/2 increase)
      anyways it explains a lot about my Non showdown winnings (restealing)
      (see graph at bottom)

      I need to go re-read the article on scared money .... last time I went to NL10 was on poker888 whit 20BI...
      It was a disaster... I was folding evrything...
      No Cbet .... and a VPip/PFR of 26/16 on FR tables :f_mad:
      Figured it might be that.... 10$ is not much but since i've been playing NL2 for so long it does seem huge when I get raised for 5$ witch is half my $$/h at work anyways .... just another thing to fix ;)

      I Play even more aggressiv...
      I pound them whit raises till they're nose bleeds...

      I often loose Value on nice hands !
      It's True I'm scarry you dont wanna be calling 1 Bet cuz you know a 2nd one will follow more than 50% the time
      +++I Almost never get cracked

      I've set my C-bet To an almost standard 3/4 pot cuz of those 40%VPIP vilain that never raises but call EVRY RAISE and fold they're junk on the flop or .... make bad calls whit mid pairs/mini pockets ect... on the flop but fold to a turn C-Bet

      * at 1/2 pot size bet i never got NO ONE ,except TAG REGS, to fold they're hands on the flop but I know this might be micro relevant so I'll try to remember about IT!

      (Flop C-Bet is 78% and turn C-bet is at 62%)

      So that explain my non showdown winnings... most 'worst' hands dont get to showdown as a 3rd 3/4 Bet on the river is..... mostly all-in in a 3bet pot
      or maybe 1/2 3/4 stack on raise/call preflop actions

      Almost evry showdown winnings I've got now are all-in before showdown or I gave up on the river and vilain checked a missed OESD or FLUSH DRAW
      or even worst raised it as a bluff after check calling 2 streets ...

      You know what I've learnt from all that? ... those ppl calling places rigged and stuff like that ...

      dont bet flop check/turn on a draw heavy board OOP whit two pair or a set ....
      BET then bet/fold... please dont check a made hand ... and then say... I had a straight but he made a better one or.... the flush always come out ...
      NO it doesnt not if you dont let them see it
      Those place arent rigged ... but your "slowplay" really sucks and you have no idea when to or not to do it

      Added ACTIVE resteal to my arsenal.... omg ... this is free money when done right.... just observe ppl... usually some one in late position (MP3+) who folds a 4 BB raise to a 10 BB reraise will do it .... very often especialy if they're PFR is over 20
      SO you get back at them whit semi bad hands from the blinds ATo+ A8s+ sometimes suited connectors I even go 22+ as if you get called and hit your set ... you have pretty good implied odds admiting that vilain calls you whit over cards and hit nicely

      1- You are SB whit 44 BU raise 3BB you reraise 8 BB he calls flop comes KJ4 rainbow... Vilain holds KQo or KJ or KT or AK AJ.... you are already in a pot of 17BBs if you check and vilain bets 3/4 pot 17+12+(your 12 if you flat call) or your re-raise... quick money
      or flop comes A58 and you donk C-Bet vilain will fold most broadways smalish pairs ect....

      2- How not to fail : IF you are SB whit 44 or ATs... and raise 8BB then the big blind or original raiser comes over the top even a min raise ... you should fold ... this hand was not meant for action and you would be playing OOP it as no real value
      getting a T for top pair whit AT would put you in really bad shape aggainst any TT+ hands...
      running after OESD or FLUSHDRAWs is to costly to be profitable both together ok... but would you call a 4 bet whit 87s???
      anyways... 8 BB is a joke ... better loose 8 then chasing a flush that cost you 30-50BB by the river to .. not hit

      Always remember that from the start ... you 3 betting those hands... was to make vilain fold preflop or ,if he's that bad, whit an easy donk C-bet on the flop from the blinds... for even more free money

      1 vs 1 when you just flat called villain raise
      If flop shows only 1 card over TEN just call his C-bet then Bet out 1/2 pot on the turn if its still not a card over TEN... now It might need some practice but it will work more then 1/2 the time ... either vilain will fold ... or call whit AK high ... not hit the river and check it down where you will pick a nice pot whit a pair of sixes :f_biggrin:
      If you know your vilains you know they will raise mostly broadways... but they really wont hit that single one that shows on the flop that often...

      lets say board comes Q92 you check your sixes to the original raiser and he c-bets you call because : AK,AJ,KJ would easily C-Bet ... actually at micros ... ppl find some strange reasons to Cbet now if you call and they dont hit the turn and you bet out .... you look like you've been slowplaying something or.... could be all kinds of things. .. but your bet will be big enough for him not to be able to call whit AK high or a gutshot maybe even a flushdraw ect...and worts if he does have the Q whit AQ... he most likly will not re-raise since TPTK doesnt feel that strong in that kind of scenario and you might still get a free showdown (good way of playing some TP whit bad kickers)

      I had a strange streak of badluck at one point lol well i think its badluck
      1- I had 5 QQ at the same time on different tables and lost all of them
      2- I had 7 AA in a 4 hours session and had them cracked 7 times in a row
      4 of them were all in prelop ... 3 were vs JJ
      well important thing is I kept playing them how I was before all that, since I was winning
      but I did notice that my sister and her boyfiend often let this affect the way they will play it next time even tho they know it was profitable the way they were playing it before...


      Bought my self a sick laptop...
      I mean sick for 500$ brand new :f_eek: lol
      It does what i need to do whit it .... can even easily play 9 tables on the 15" screen and since I dont own cable or antena ... it's my personal Video that I plug on TVs arround my place ;)

      The new job is meh.... Borrrringgg
      I'm kind of a CNC operator/machinist
      I dont really have time to play poker ... even on longer cycles ...
      I'm paid by cycles and not being ready to load at the moment the machine as done its cycle makes you loose $$/H by taking extra time by cycles then what you are paid for...

      ex: machine cycle 5 min + reload 1 min x 100 cycles =I'm paid for 10hrs
      ((5+1)x100 = 600 min/60 = 10hrs)
      now if I take 1,5 min to reload each time ... I'm still paid for 1m reload times... loosing $$/h

      Might have found a second job too we got in contact but I had to verify my schedule whit the job I have now ...

      Got a second 22" screen coming ... cant play more then 9 tables comfortably on 1 screen and using my laptop whit my current screen gives me head aches because they are obviously not at the same distance/Resolution and ... trying to refocus my eyes to fast all the time really fucks me up :D

      Went to play some live poker at my sisters place... Seems I cant find a way to deal whit Maniac calling stations... you know the type that calls 10 BB raise preflop whit 92o... but would Play KK the same way... cant wait to get in gold section for some new articles !!!!

      Won a 90players 3,30$ turbo Knockout MT SNG for 78,50$ after the live session at my sisters they had 2 comps and my laptop and they wanted to play a tourney ... ty for the idea :D

      Resume :
      -Its been a month now that I started this experiment ... got 40k hands out of it but wasnt playing 9 tables for the whole month and it was a rather buzy and unusual one

      -Will not talk about Poker 888 for now as I wont be playing cash game over there

      -Will now keep track of my rake amount and SNG wins and I will add them to combined roll

      -Moving up to NL10 tomorrow wish me luck.... meh nvm that I'll try it out whit skills

      (included in FTP roll)
      RAKEBACK from PS :27$
      FTP SNG Winnings : 78$

      As of 3/17/2011 9:15 PM
      FullTilt Bankroll : 291.67$ - 30$ transfer to sister and BF 261,67

      As of 317/2011 9:00PM
      FINAL Poker888 Bankroll : 116.75$
      Closed whit only 26$ left

      COMBINED ROLL :408.42$ -30$ = 378,42$
      and now I will completly remove poker888 BR for next post
      (261,67$) will be the starting point for the next update
      11k hands will be removed
      this is the final poker888 graph starting from the 17th of last month to my withdrawl
      *take a look at those non-showdown winnings... thats what scare play gets you... be agressive but know when ur beat too

      Now here is FTP 30k hand graph including NL2 and 5
      Look how my non-showdown winnings are going up getting my green net profit bar over my showdown winnings... this is because of aggression... yes most of those hands would be positiv showdown winnings as I do have strong holdings along whit the 2 over cards Cbet... but I figured that if I wanted to get paid big on my big hands and get most fold out of my ... semi-bad ones ... I should play both as agressive as possible and its true ... the guy that folded to your last 3 3bet "semi-bluff" Will shove stupid suff because ur just tilting them always reraising and they will often do it at the wrong time (you having a very good made hand)

      IF any one gets that far and as some advice to give about loosing value whit such an agressive play pls lets me know for now I'll keep it that way cuz I really like it better to win small/mid pots to getting sucked out on in mid/big pots!!
      ex : flopping a set of 4 on a 2 suited card board or a 3 card straight board
      would you bet big flop and turn would you pet smal flop then hard turn since you got called ? ty
    • shehanshah
      Joined: 02.12.2010 Posts: 385
      Nice blog and life story :D !! Keep grinding n gud luk.

      Going to the set of 4's or 2's question- U can bet the flop as normal(2/3 pot or just a bit more). If the board brings another suited card or a str8 card, u shld check, Otherwise the same 2/3rd bet on the turn too.And on the river u shld always check, as villian could of been slow playin his made hand or u can induce a bet from weaker hands or missed draws,which u just call.

      (Suppose the villian bets on the turn and the river, u shld be able to get away from the hand,coz often they hv the flush or str8). Keep grindin :P !!!