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      Hello, im pretty much a beginner to the online poker, ive only played like a 500 hands or so, but ive started looking to graphs allready, looking to graphs early could make decrease my downswings further on. i reciewed the 50 dollar starting capital and my goal is 120 dollar sometime, moving up the blinds.
      right now my bankroll is about 46 after having lost a cpl of all in situations- like kk against aa n stuff.
      im playing nl5 on ftp- is this a good brm?

      first off i will post some stats from elephant ( i know, after just 500 hands it seems silly, but my style wotn change if noone tells my how) and want to improve early on)
      vp$ip 23.5
      pfr 15.4
      hand range flop 19.9
      open raise late pos 25.5
      agg factor 2.9
      hand range showdown 4.5%
      wtsdwsf?????? explain 22.6
      wt$@sd???? 46.5- therefor my loss

      i calc pot odds and odds really easy, ive read a lot of math in school and im goin to apply for a business school. i think that my problems are in all in situations postflop, i seem to loose quite often, i should lay down my hands more often.
      i do often build a stack of steals and flopcontinuationbets really easy, but then lose it all + the buyin in a stupid all in -situatuon, thinking my opponent is so stupid he bluffs wit 200% the pot, wich is is not very likely

      common scenario 1.
      preflop: I catch QQ at button gettin 1 raise behind me, i reraise, sb fold bb reraise ( ok at this point i know he got KK- but i cant manage to throw my towel in, and im soon goin all in against ak and kk- my outs are 2. arggghhh and "KATCHINGGG" - 2.50

      common scenario 2
      getting QKoffsuit trying to steal the blinds from button, get a call and river comes like A27rainbow, i try to steal the pot thinking that he maybe has suited connectors calling my bet, get a cold call - i know hes got A7/A2 and im down. when i now try to steal the blinds i often go x3 pot, should i increase this amout ( all folded im sb), to make him fold A2 ( in this situation)

      when i look at my graph, i see that when i win a all in, i win only half the money that i tend to lose in an all in situation. i mean, i buy in for the same amount everytime, if i buy in for 2.50, shoud i go away from the table when my money is at 3.50?

      should i tighten up?

      can somone explain the indicators with my ???? after them?

      could u help me to improve my game?

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    • Zolt4n
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      Hi mate,

      Playing NL5 with a bankroll of 50 dollar is definitly the worst thing you can do. You need 25 buyins to play comfortably on a limit, so I recommend you to step down to NL2. Do you play SH or FR? According to your stats I think you must be playing SH, 23/15 appears to be okay, just try to be a little more aggressive preflop, a 20/17 would be a bit better, (although overlimping on these stakes makes sense in some cases).

      Good luck at the tables!
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      I started NL5 on FTP $2 buying playing MSS seemed to follow good BRM as its 25 BI's