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    • wildfool
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      I just got an email from Party Poker saying that they plan to change their rewards program. It looks like they are adding a new range of bonuses but making some of their existing bonuses worth less.
      It looks like the 1,500 party points i was trying to get to use for a $100 bonus will now only buy me an $80 bonus. bummer.
      looks like the very top players will be able to make a bit more though.

      from their email:

      The new levels offer more attainable targets, and many offer improved rakeback.

      Level Points Cash Bonus
      Bronze 500 $10 Cash N/A
      Silver 750 $15 Cash $30 Poker Bonus
      Silver 1,500 $50 Cash $80 Poker Bonus
      Gold 3,000 $120 Cash $200 Poker Bonus
      Gold 6,000 $300 Cash $450 Poker Bonus
      Palladium 10,000 $600 Cash $1,000 Poker Bonus
      Palladium 20,000 $1,500 Cash $3,000 Poker Bonus
      Palladium Elite 40,000 $3,500 Cash $7,000 Poker Bonus
      Palladium Elite 100,000 $15,000 Cash $20,000 Poker Bonus
      Palladium Elite 300,000 $50,000 Cash $75,000 Poker Bonus
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    • THESHade
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      The thing that I lve about party is that u can actually play jsut a bit there and then play one onth (or 3) w a full lvl and u will get the top lvl rakeback if u get the status and points