Won first SnG and played first MTT. (micro)

    • MrDeran9ed
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      Today i played my first SnG, $1.00 + $0.20 and places first winning a little over $4.

      I know this is a very small amount but i'm rather proud of myself concidering i haven't been playing poker very long. I know i can't expect too win at these all the time, but it was extremely fun and something i'll consider playing alot more off, bankroll permitting ofcourse.

      Also ontop of that last night i entered a freeroll with 10,000 players and places 310th, could someone tell me if thats actually a good placement for a new player or am i just chuffed with myself for no reason.

      Haha :) :)
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    • martoman2k10
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      well done on your sng win, more of the same please!

      freerolls are not actually like proper tournaments. players dont take them too seriously - i know I dont.

      Just keep studying the game...
    • brobz
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      i try to play freerolls seriously when I was trying to build a bankroll but I mean its not un common to have aces cracked by garbage cuz some ahole enters and gets lucky lol

      freerolls for the most part= lottery

      unless you get like depositer freerolls n such then those arent bad