What should you think while playing?

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      What should we think while playing? What should be on our mind while on a session?

      I'm an MTT player. and I would like to share my thoughts on this subject and hopefully get helpful comments and suggestion from you guys also. I'm hoping that this thread can help you also on your game.

      Why do we play? We play poker of course to win and profit money. But we all know that our inner psychology and mindset will greatly affect the outcome of our games.

      While playing, we would usually think "I want to win. I will win." There's no problem with that but sometimes, our thirst to win will lead us to make bad decisions and mistakes. We will sometimes want to chase that flush draw even if pot odds are against us or chase that unreasonable gutshot straight draw. Or sometimes, because of excessive watching of poker on TV, we felt like we should play like them and we could win like them but it does not always work like that.

      Of course, there are those unavoidable moments when we would go on tilt and the thoughts that would keep lingering in our mind is that, "What a bad player that guy is." "Oh why the world is giving me bad luck." "I will have my revenge and get my money back as fast as possible." And of course, you'd lose concentration. Worst case scenario, the next day, you'll be wondering why you are seeing "$0.00" on your bankroll.

      On the extremely negative side, there are those players that has no confidence in themselves and would think that, "I know I'll lose." "They are way better than me and I have no luck." Negative thinking won't do you any good.

      It helps to be positive while playing but what should we really think while playing? I am adopting this mindset and in fact I have it on screen so that I could read it every time while playing. "I will make the right decisions every time."

      I believe that by making the right decisions every time, you'll eventually optimize the potential of every hand you play and in the end, win and profit. It takes discipline to adopt such mindset and I admit that I myself haven't mastered it yet. But it has helped me a lot on my games. By adopting this mindset, you'll be able to capitalize every situation to your advantage.

      Also, I would like to share to you my "7 Things A Poker Professional Should Always Remember"
      1. When to fold
      2. When to raise
      3. When to call
      4. When to bet
      5. When to check
      6. When to go all-in
      7. When to stop playing and just relax

      I'm hoping to become a recognized pro someday and I know there's still a long road to go. I wrote this blog to sort of remind myself also. I only started last October 2010 and I have already turned $100 to $1500 from MTTs alone.

      Please follow my blog as I try to profit every day and make a very long streak.
      Making the longest profit days streak

      Wish me luck. I wish you luck and see you at the tables! :f_biggrin:
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