Connection to database server lost!

    • ilja2010
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      Hi everyone!
      my problem is:
      when I installed program on win 7 it was ok, but when I open it and when it try to use stats it write:

      Connection to database server lost!
      Further Informations:
      FATAL: 28000: password authentication failed for user "ilja2010"

      There was 3 places to type in:
      Enter the user name: I typed ilja2010
      password: ....
      database login: I typed ilja2010 too

      Could anyone know what the problem is?

      BTW it ask license! is it should be without license? coz in email said that "Congratulations! You have earned access to the full version of the Elephant."
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey ilja2010,

      I'm pretty sure that either your postgreSQL username is not "ilja2010" or you are using a wrong cominbation of username/password.

      To figure this out you need to do the following:

      Press Windows+R (Click Start -> Run) and type "cmd" -> Enter

      A command prompt should now be opened and you can type "net user" (Enter) for a list of windows users. One of them is your current Windows user and there should be at least one other user and you have to figure out wich one's the postgreSQL one.

      You then have to use this user (username) and the correct password to create a database.

      Let me know if you were able to figure it out.