Frequent Disconnection Problems

    • YinYangS
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      Is it my internet connection or their software is just too complex?

      I don't experience that frequent disconnection on stars. And if I do, I immediately reconnects.

      But on Party Poker, I get tilted because I can't play well because of those frequent disconnections! And what's worst, it's the inconsistency. I play 4 tables. 2 tables are saying "Establishing Connection" while the other two are just playing normally so I think, "GOD DAMMIT!" :s_evil:

      That's the reason why I withdrew all my cash there in my Party Poker account. Now, since I have cash there again since I won $80 in a freeroll, I decided to experiment again on Sit&Gos but those disconnections are damn killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :s_evil:
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    • DtotheC
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      It is possible that their software uses a higher amount of bandwidth per table, however it is equally possible that it is your internet connection.

      If it has happened consistently over the course of a number of weeks/months, then I would say it would be the first, if it is only a couple of times or just recently, then I would think it would be the second option.
    • nophun
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      Was getting to be pretty standard for party poker a few months ago.
      Has been good for this month at least. I had some issue today. but nothing serious never missed a hand or any actions.

      It got brought up on 2p2, Party_Rep never answered iirc.
    • MichaelM
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      Hey YinYangS,

      That doesn't sound normal to me. Of course no internet based service is safe from disconnects, but that seems a little much.
      May I ask what internet connection and setup you are using?

      If you are unsure, you can check that on this website: Speedtest. Please check and post the results.

      Based on this, I can give you and Party feedback.

      I am looking forward to your reply.