• SPXC08
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      Hey i passed the quiz a couple days ago and and still havent got a reply just wondering when i might get one and i have been reading some of the strategy used here it is good but doesnt protect against luck so you cant use it all the time, I know from experiance full tilt is a site that hates the short stack lets say that aright thanks.
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    • Jesus80
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      well im sure u get the money very soon...and yeah the SSS probably its not protect from luck..but what hand its protected?? what strategy is protected??...i think its something away from our hands...if u play SSS u can be sure after some bad beats u gonna win remember poker is 99% skill and 1%luck..so i recomend u apply correctly the SSS and ull be ok...

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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi SPXC08!

      You should have received an email from us because we have to make an ID check. Please send a copy of your ID to security@pokerstrategy.com.

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