[Application] MTT Stake

    • narkorito
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.
      Hey, i am seeking for MTT 10+ long term stake.
      I need a staker to rebuild myself a bankroll. I have wirthdrawed all the money because i needed it for LIVE tournaments and some other things.
      Had some good results till withdraw so i hope i can find some stacker who will support me. I had some good results in MTT, sng when i was stacked by lessthanthree and made us both some good profite. I hope i can find some long term backer and make good deal. I prefer to split profit 50/50 with MU.
      narkorito's feedback
      my screename on ftp is - mandariins
      here is my stats , i know its small sample ,but i know i can hit at least 10+ games.
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    • lessthanthreee
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      i currently back narkorito/mandariins for sngs. I have had a successful relationship with him so far. he is reliable and has good communication.

      I backed him for a small sample of MTTs which was profitable for both of us. Unfortunately I am not financially able to back him for mtts as well as SnGs anymore. I suggest anyone interested does their own research but I can be a character reference.