Hello from Canada

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    • Xantos
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      Hey moparmagic66,

      welcome aboard!
      I hope you enjoy your time here at PokerStrategy.com :)

      Regarding your hopes - I bet you can learn a lot. The best way is to use all aspects of our site:
      - videos
      - strategy discussions & hand evalutations (see lower part of our forum overview)
      - live coachings (audio stream + observing tables)
      - strategy articles for the theoretical foundation
      - equity analysis training with our EquiLab software

      The most important hint I can give: be active!
      Asking questions, postulating your own theses etc. is the best way to learn quickly - and way better than just listen to / read other players' thoughts.

      If you love larger freerolls, also make sure to check our news regularily.
      Amongst other promotions, we have exclusive $10,000 depositor freerolls basically every week on rotating poker rooms.

      This week e.g. on Betfair - click here to read some more details:

      And make sure to give us feedback on what you like and what you don't! :)