PT3 - Combining Screen Names

    • DannyG13
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      I'm either missing something obvious or it's not possible, but say if you have your roll split on different sites (for example, half on Full Tilt, half on Pokerstars) and have x number of hands on both sites, is there any way to combine your screen names for both sites?


      20k hands on Stars
      15k hands on FT

      I want to combine my screen names for both these sites, so I can see my combined stats over the 35k hands. Possible?

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    • bazerk
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      +1 but for HEM
    • Fagin
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      I use PT3 and have not yet found a way to combine either stats for more than 1 screen name, or stats for more than 1 site. In effect the stats for each alias and each site appear to be treated as completely seperate entities.

      If you find a way to combine them I would love to know how you managed it.
    • Waiboy
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      Use aliases folks, for both PT3 and HEM.

      HEM: Options>Player Aliases

      PT3: On the general tab, in the "Player Details" section, look on the right side of the screen. It says "Aliases" and an edit hyperlink.
    • nathanrenard
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      Ok, so one more time nathanrenard for the rescue.

      It's pretty easy, on the "Player Details" info box there's a thing called alias and a link "edit" underneath it.

      Just click there, select 'add' search the screen name you want combined too and voilá!
      Please not that you can't do this during import.

      Hope it helped! (:

      edit: while i was typing waiboy did it first (:
    • DannyG13
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      Ahh so I was missing something fairly obvious :f_biggrin: Guess it's only obvious if you know :P

      Thanks guys, much appreciated, thread can be closed. :)