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Red the bLoodY LiNe !!

    • drbloody
      Joined: 25.04.2010 Posts: 83
      Hi there,

      here's a session of mine from this night:

      Doesn't it just drive you crazy, a straight downward red line like that ? It just seems so unreal, so out of control! To go straight the way down???
      Is such a pattern normal to occur at low stakes such as NL10 per say ? It just seems too uneral to me!! THE way it goes DOWN, straight like tha :f_o: :f_o: :f_o: t !

      Any ideas ? Experiences ? Thoughts ? Advice ?
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    • Kodark
      Joined: 24.02.2011 Posts: 249
      are you folding to too many cbets?
    • redwarf01
      Joined: 17.08.2010 Posts: 225
      I think its ok to have your red line going down, but only as long as your blue line goes up faster. But it doesnt look that way...
      I don´t know how you play or what your stats are, but I would say:
      Steal more, resteal more, do c-bets when appropriate and bet when nobody is interested in the money in the pot. Yea, I think that´s pretty much it. If you do these, your red line should fall more slowly.
      I hope this helps :f_cool:
    • Frankyx911
      Joined: 03.06.2010 Posts: 25
      yeah c-bets and taking unwanted pots is the key ... i had about the same problem and fixed it that way ... dont just give up on evry pot when you dont hit ... they dont hit that often either ... and if they do .. well you lost A BIT more but nothing that will show that much since you'll pick up the pot more then 1/2 the time ... if done right
      Dont be scared to re-raise active C-bet players (90%+) whit nut flush draws ect... play your strong draws aggressivly and they will often fold before showdown witch adds up to your non showdown winnings...

      heres a little example at NL2 ... at the end of the graph is where I started to reraise open CO and BU raise from the blinds ... and like I said C-bets and agressive draws ... at one point .. it was eating 25% my profits