On My way to the Top !

    • PsychWin
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      Hello Guys,
      I am writing this blog to keep me well with my schedule, have some moral support and be happy about what am doing !

      I am new to pokerstars and ftp, though not new to poker and I've been reading many poker books lately and have read tons and tons of blogs, so I am ready for grinding my way to the top :D

      So here it is all -

      I will be starting off by playing 0.55$ 45 Man turbo's on stars and 1.20$ 9 Man Turbo's on FTP as I think I can beat these two games.

      My main focus will be stars and I will try to complete atleast 80 games per day in the 45 mans and play a little bit of ftp (10-20 Games).

      Currently Total Money I have = 60$

      I have kept 50$ for Stars and 10$ for FTP,

      My Deposits -

      50$ on Stars (25$ Done, 25$ Reserve)
      10$ on FTP

      The reason I have kept money in reserve is that it will be in my ewallet so It will be safe and I am a person who gets tilted too easily, but I have tried to improve myself and thus Im still a little bit scared but I will do my best to avoid it :D .

      Pokerstars -
      So I will be starting of by 9 Tabling the 55c 45 Mans on stars till I can get my Roll up to 75$, where I will take a 20 SnG Shot to 1.10s and If I do good I will move up to that limit. I am just keeping a 75 BIs for these as I feel I am pretty comfortable with 75.

      Full Tilt Poker -
      I will be depositing 10$ on Full Tilt poker soon and will start off by playing the 1.20$ 9 Mans, Just 3-4 Table till I can grind my way up to 25-30 BI, where I can 6 Table !
      Note : I am not playing on FTP to surely win, I know the risk of getting busted is too high but I just want to take a shot at these with these 10 BI and see what I can do with it, so going busto on ftp won't be a big deal there.

      Cashouts :
      I will only do cashout's on pokerstars when I have reached the 150$ Mark, I will cashout 15% of my weekly winnings from there on. I hope to get a growing bankroll so I wont even mind cashing out nothing as I want to improve and Move up !

      Poker Manager :
      I will be using Poker Tracker 3 (60 Day Version), to track my stats and will opt in on sharkscope aswell as soon as possible.

      Reason for this thread :
      I am a person who gets tilted easily, so If I have a mindset that I have to play these SnG's and Just these no matter what, with this thread I will be more focused on my schedule to grind than getting tempted to play the 4$ MTT's and then get sucked out - to get tilted and busto !

      Free 50$ -
      I have completed my quiz here and have applied for free 50$ on William Hill Poker (I Poker Network), So I hope I have a good start there and will only be playing CG's on those. 4 Tabling the 2 NL :D and try to more if possible.

      Hand Reviews -
      I will be reviewing my hands frequently and try to plug in as many leaks as possible !

      Support -
      Any support and comments, thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated and I will be looking forward to hear from you people in my aim to become a successful Grinder ! If any1 out there wants to coach me or guide me who has been a pro in these or wants to give any tips ! please be welcome to post below or IM me !

      Psych :D
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    • koosMaras
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      Hi Psych,

      GL with your goals. I guess I'll come by sometimes to see your thoughts and progress :) Also will be interesting to see how manage your tilt. Have pretty same problem and had to move down from NL5 recently because of it.
    • PsychWin
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      Hey Koos,
      Thanks for reading my goals and I hope I am able to achieve them without tilting :) , Currently I have been doing well and not tilting at all, I just am listening to songs and let the donks take the chips thinking, Go Boy > Its your day :D !

      Just have a positive attitude, Tilt seems to fade off !! :)

      I will post my stats later as I finish my last session :)
    • PsychWin
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      Hey Guys, I finally finished the 1st day of my grind :) .
      I was about to bash my computer for some of the last hands..

      Games Played : 49
      ROI : 0%

      Starting BR : 25$ (25$ Reserve)

      Ending BR : 25$ (25$ Reserve)

      I had 3 sessions of 15, 15 and 20 SnG's. In the first set of 15 I was 5.25$ Up, in the 2nd Set I was 1.90$ Up and in the Third one I dint even cash once out of 20 SnG's, That kinda tilted me but I dint. After Spending Some hours am at square one :D . Lets hope tomorrow brings some good :) .

      These were some of the sick beats which kept me away from like 12-14$ which were mine...! AA's cracked twice but I managed not to tilt..!

      Removed the HH's Looking Wierd, but AA got Cracked by Quad Kings and Quad Fours ! :D

      Psych ;)
    • PsychWin
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      Second Day Was pretty Sick ! had a lot , when I say a lot > I mean it ! A Lot of Bad Beats ! Downswinging ! Played around 35 Games ! Again Less then much needed volume but my head was swinging like hell from these sick beats but I kept it straight and Did Not Tilt :D ! So here are the Stats

      Games Played : 35

      Current BR :

      Stars : 11$(25$ Reserve)

      FTP : 2$(10$ Reserve)

      I am down 11$ in Pokerstars as I xfered 2$ to FTP and the day ended in a 12$ Loss, it was sick as I took a shot at the 1.75$ 9 mans on ps which is the minimum and got hit bad ! I played 4 of them > AAs cracked again

      AA got cracked by J8
      he hits straight
      KK < A10 (pretty Std.)
      AK < QJ

      But the thing Is I managed not to tilt at all and kept my head clean ! Now I am ready to grind back the 0.55$ Again to build my roll ! totally focused and wont play any other game now ! Might add some 0.1$ and 0.25$ MTTs on stars and play some cash in FTP, 2 Nl with the 2$ :D

      GL ME :D
      Psych ;)
    • PsychWin
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      So guys, been 2 days was too tired yesterday to post ! So here whats up...

      I tried 0.55$ 45 Mans >> Nah, Not my type.. Im a losing player in those and I cant handle that much varience with such small BR so I switched to some MTT's ! But now you will be thinking like " Is he bonkers, MTT's have more varience ", yeah your'e correct guys so thats why I am being staked for MTT's and not risking my Bankroll for Em :D ! so I got staked at chipmeup.com and played some pretty deep finishes though no big cashes... Again Varience is sick, was chipleader twice and ITM'ed the 2K GTD on Pokerstars twice in a row :D ! I will be getting 40% of whatever I ship so not that bad !

      Bankroll is too down because I played some of the 1.75$ 18 mans and 9 mans to try which one fit me >> Ended up Losing KK to A8 and my BR going Down ! I deposited the whole 60$ on PS though after these Losses, I xfered some to FTP and now the BR Stands at : 16.85$... Very Very Low but yes I finally got the game I was looking for ! I will be playing the 1.20$ 6 Man's on Stars ! they are perfect for me as I need to clear my 60$ Bonus which will be fastest cleared by this and I am b/e and + profit in these ! like if i play 5, Ill ship 2 ! so good for my BR and I will try to put in 100 Games tomorrow of these with a 16.85$ BR :D and earn the 10$ Bonus if Possible ! Will keep you guys updated :D ! Search me on OPR if you wana see recent cashes > PsychWin (Pokerstars) :D

      BR :
      PokerStars : 11.85$
      FTP : 5.00$

      Psych ;)