Stud Hi / Lo Question.

    • ICristian
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      As a beginner, i would like someone to explain to me please.
      I only have one question ,maybe it's a stupid question.... In a pot with two or more people .... and two ppl go to Lo pot...

      For example:

      Player A have: A 8 2 3 T 7 K

      Player B have: 8 6 5 4 5 3 Q

      Who win the Lo pot ? Player B ? and why B ? A does not have Lo ... ?

      I ask for is a real hand, I'm having the player's hand A and i lost ....

      Excuse my english and thank you !
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    • Bliausmas
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      Yes, player B wins, although it's not very obvious :)

      All you need to do when deciding winning low hand is to line up qualifying low cards in descending order, and the winner is a player whose first card is lower, if they're the same - look at second card, if they're also the same, look at third, and so on. So in your case player A has low hand: 8 7 3 2 A, and B has 8 6 5 4 3. The first card is the same - 8, but player B has lower second card - 6 (A has 7), so he wins the low pot.
    • svendeucer
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      Yeah the damn six killed ya. 6's in hi/lo when gunning for lo are much better than having one in 2-7 where you should split it if possible.