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    • hackbinder
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      So I'm at my mom's and playing on her computer. I downloaded FT and I forgot to click on "save hand histories".

      Naturally, I realized this just as I finished up a nice winning session. I poked around the support and I saw that I can request my hand history.

      Has anyone ever used this feature on Full Tilt?

      Does it work?

      I'd hate to think I "lost" that session!
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    • bazerk
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      I'm pretty sure they e-mail it to you, then you can just save it to your database, if thats what your after. I used to do it for certain tornies here and there when I needed my bust hand, on stars, but should be the same for FT.

      Let us know if it works
    • hackbinder
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      It worked quickly, actually. I went to bed and it was ready when I woke up.

      They don't email it directly. You have to go to "my promotions".

      From there they actually present it very nicely. They give you a break down per table.

      You can then download it.

      My only issue now is that after I email it to myself, when I get home I would hope it can seamlessly be integrated into HEM. I'll be home tomorrow so I will try it out.

      Another thing is that within the text of the HH itself, each hand it numbered and separated by a line of ********

      Example ******* 456*********

      I'm not sure if all my other regular HH are like that.

      Again, as long as it integrates with HEM I'm cool!

      Small note - The file itself was 900 hands and the size was a little over one megabyte. Isn't that kind of big?

      Regardless, it is a very nice little feature.
    • MJQuads
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      Hand histories you receive by emailing FTP are integrated into HM with no problem. I have done it twice so far, though I did contact my Black Card support, and they sent me the files through email (though they had to be rar-ed, since it was like 0.5 mil hands lol).

      Kind Regards,