when to leave a table?

    • 4adeadpoet
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      After playing poker seriously for the last couple of months at 2nl and now 5nl on full tilt I'm wondering when is the best time to leave a table, I've been playing the BSS buying in for 100bb's, should you leave when you double up or triple or more? I've had some really good tables recently where i have managed to get to 500bb, should i just stay at the tables if im running hot and leave when i take a beat or just leave to protect my winnings?

      I'm sure everyone has a different oppinion on this but would be good to hear some views, thanks! :s_cool:
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    • alejandrosh
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      leave when the table gets bad
    • Alficor1
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      Or when you start playing bad.
    • nophun
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      Depends on the other players stacks.
      If you and a bad player(s) are effectively 300+ deep I would stick around. If you and another reg are 300+ effective stacks and the worst players 100ish leaving is my standard.

      It is easy enough to find a bad player @ 100 bb without risking a 600bb pot vs someone semi-competent.

      Another important thing is your comfort level.
      If you start to feel uneasy in the game for any reason including stack sizes just leave the table.