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Bad Beat real life

    • Metalbr
      Joined: 15.03.2011 Posts: 2
      Hello first of all i'd like to introduce myself since im new on this forum

      well lets begin

      Yesterday i was playing a real life tournament in my city for 50BRL - about 30USS buy in no rebuy no addon 20 min blinds 8k stack blinds 25/50 starts
      54 players 5 ITM
      I was doing good kicked about 3 guys before the first break at level 6
      well at break i was with about a 30k stack not so bad
      Tournament kick backs in after a small break i take 1 more guy out about 45k in my stack.
      1 hour later i still with arround 40 ~ 45k and here comes the most important hand on the game

      18 guys left in the tournament
      I start as dealer in a table with 8 ppl blinds 600 1200 ante 200 or 100 cant remember i was the big stack and had a guy with 35k in my table

      I started with AK suit

      fold fold call fold fold me - raise to 6k - fold fold - the guy who called is the guy that holds a 35k stack calls

      Flop - K 2 8 rainbow - no flush draw

      guy checks i bet about 8k guy puts all in

      i seriously thought about folding since he could have a set , about 1 min later i decided to call

      he show out 9T off i was hooray here i go for the final table
      after he show me the cards he told he was bluffing and stuff

      turn hits a 6

      and amazingly for my bad luck river a 7

      yeah a 6% chance of bad beat after flop was left with 5k chips had to go all in with random hand and got out of the tournament in 17 place

      well guys what u think about my game on this hand and about this history
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