Hello! I'm playing with my 50$ starting capital in Party poker about 18 days (not every day) average 3-5 h a day because I'm working and can't play much. I know that 2.5k hands isn't too much, but anyway it's not so little for me.
In very beginning i started to won some microscopic money, then loose, than win again, but now I'm swinging down. I think it's all about my indecision what game to play best. At this moment I'm playing NL2 BSS cash games and NL2 20BB min. games. Also tried some NL4 BSS games, but realised that this will lead to crash of my BR. Tried some 1$ SnG's at Party, also unsuccessful. I'm reading articles in PS, watching full tilt academy vids, reading Phil Gordon's "Little green book" now, and I think that all that stuff are messing up my head even more and I can't concentrate on one and only BSS. Or maybe I need to try SSS? This is only thing that I haven't tried yet. Please give me some advice how to save my remaining 25$ and get out of those fckin 100 party points. At this moment i have 15 points and bonus expires after 61 days :f_cry:

Here's my graph of all spent time in Party poker cash games:

I can upload more additional information if needed. If not, thanks anyway for reading this ;) and for advices of course ;)