Need to vent a bit

    • AthairTom
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      Playing some SNG's and getting hammered - how does one keep a level head....I know I can't expect to win every hand but dammit if I didn't lose everyone of these in a row after getting all the money in the middle

      AA lost to 66 - 6 on the flop

      KK lost to 99 - 9 on the flop

      QQ lost to A5 - A on the flop

      AA lost to 22 - 2 on the flop

      QQ lost to T9o - T9 on the flop

      Not to mention about five or six 3 outers where I had someone dominated. Just need to vent a bit I suppose.
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    • sindeon
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      Hi mate,

      everything I can say is what you already know: it´s poker and stuff like this happen from time to time. ;-)

      If you go all-in against 66 with AA, you have approximately 80% chance to win. Lost? Nevermind! Be happy he went all-in against your pocket aces, because you´ll have a big chance to take much more of his money/chips in long run. Just don´t give up and look forward for a next hand!

      Do your best for playing A-game and stay concentrated on winnings, not on losses and succes will come.

      Good luck and have fun!


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