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putting all my money.. on pokerstars

    • philiveyfan
      Joined: 09.10.2009 Posts: 304
      Hi guys I would like to start off by saying I do live at home with mom and I got about 800 to my name lmfaoooo.. I want to put it all on pokerstars and my goal is to make 5 to 10000 dollars. I know it's hard but I think and hope this can be done.

      Now I want to ask some of the guys who's pro or been playing all there life, what I should play. I play holdem only, cash, sit n gos ?? Please give me the best advice to acheive this goal
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    • Kodark
      Joined: 24.02.2011 Posts: 249
      The dark side, i sense in you.

      Play whatever you are best at. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY dont dump that $800 into low/mid stakes. If you cant crush NL10, start there. If you cant crush NL5 start there. DO NOT JUMP HEAD FIRST INTO NL25+
    • Bliausmas
      Joined: 11.03.2010 Posts: 741
      Your goal is to go from 5 to 10000 and then stop playing? If not, then what's the point of that goal? The only thing you get from these types of goals is opportunity to call yourself a loser when you fail. Enjoy playing, enjoy learning - that's what matters the most. If you play good, you will eventually reach 10k or whatever you want. Making monetary goals, tilting when losing, being money oriented - that's no fun. There's absolutely no need to hang that "I HAVE to win X amount in time Y" stone under your neck...

      Just my two cents from my own experience though, no need to take it seriously.
    • YinYangS
      Joined: 09.10.2010 Posts: 1,077
      i like your advises.

      • enjoy playing
      • enjoy learning
      • enjoy winning ^_^
    • KingKarlito
      Joined: 06.01.2011 Posts: 88
      There is no easy money in the big sites anymore you have to understand it's a grind, turning a few hundered into 10k will take time

      Bank roll management is key, tourneys are too high variance, sit n gos are full of regualars and cash is full of players that know exactly which plays work in given situations

      Play what you know and what you are good at, read forums and books and listen to advice. Most importantly use poker soft ware to the maximum, do not waste a chip, play your A game as much as you can and if you still are not doing well learn how to play PLO!
    • fuzzyfish
      Joined: 12.01.2010 Posts: 862
      Originally posted by philiveyfan
      my goal is to make 5 to 10000 dollars.
      Making 5 dollars is a piece of cake when you start with 800. GL!