Shorthanded vs Fullring tables

    • Kaitz20
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      I now have 25 stacks on NL 25, I consider moving to shorthanded tables. Sometimes fullring tables are full of fishes, but mostly, it´s quite tight players out there. Maybe someone experience player can give me advise what should I follow when I switch to SH tables (and don´t mean link to article:) ). Like 3-betting lighter in position (AJ, AQ, KQ or calling MP1 raise and floating to trying take down the pot). How much should I defend my blinds against BU or CO raises (and by defending, should I 3-bet for example KQ, 88 oop)

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    • Yoghi
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      Watch all vids and go to coachings before you start SH is best I think. It's a completely different game and that way you already get a feeling for it
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Kaitz20!

      Yoghi is right: Watch videos and coachings and ask our coaches if you have any questions. Concerning you starting hands: You have to play looser preflop but that doesn't mean that you have to player looser postflop. Shorthanded play is more difficult because you will be in a lot more marginal situations. Just give it a try, post hands, watch videos and coachings AND (sorry about that ;) ) read articles!

      Good luck at the tables!