3beting vs utg range

    • xero100
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      Lets say we live in Wonderworld :D
      We know that UTG raise 3bb and his range from UTG is 11% so its 22-AA, KQ, AJo, ATs and its 6max if this change something.
      We are in BU what we should do here we know that hes not calling 3bet OOP and that he 4bets QQ+ AKo+ so its 2.5% range.

      His UTG range is 11% so his range contains 146 hands.
      and vs 3bet he 4bet 2.5% so his range contains 34 hands.

      So if We 3bet bet him.He gona fold 112 hands and 4bet his top 34 hands.
      this means about 70% of the time hes folding to our 3bet and 4bets 30% of the time.

      So if we only 3bet KK+ and we crush him. And we can call with QQ, AK, and will domintate his overpairs and Ax hands on flop.

      Sure his range can change depending from where we 3bet and our image but just pure expample.
      Whats are your thoughts.

      PS WonderLand?
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    • Bliausmas
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      Well if we assume that our opponent never calls a 3bet in that spot and 4bets only with AK, QQ+, we can profitably 3bet him with any 2 cards against his opening range while calmly folding to his 4bet if we don't have KK+. But as you said, it's possible only in wonderland as you basically won't meet a player who never calls a 3bet. And a solution against being exploited like this would be call more 3bets in good spots, and add 4bet bluff into your range.
    • xero100
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    • shehanshah
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      "So if We 3bet bet him.He gona fold 112 hands and 4bet his top 34 hands."
      That seems highly unlikely to me. :s_biggrin:
      And btw u hv described the situation completely and there's nothin more to add.
    • randomdonk
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      3b KK+ and a ton of Ax Kx Qx and by a ton i mean pretty much every time