Trash Hands

    • EsarcWinterz
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      Hi everyone. My question is pretty simple. While playing micro MTTs, what should I do if I stay focused on my A-Game, but suffer a downswing with Premiums and well positioned average hands? I tend to also recognize that when folding the premiums & dead drawn average hands, (and making good folds at that), I whitness how a large variety of trash hands would win if only I would play them more often. Does that mean I am making bad decisions on the table of what hands to play or is my A-Game just simply suffering a major downswing?
      For instance, yesterday I was in an 11$ MTT (speed blinds 5min.) on Party Poker and built up an above average stack (ca. 25-30BBs), then recieved Aces in the Hi-Jack Position, then raised a descent amount of 3.5 -4BBs, and was shoved by the SB with AJos which I was happy about because I had to call which costed me about half my stack. Then the board flops
      J-J-8, Turn 5 and finally the river showed 3 :s_cry: .. My stack was chopped in half only to be sucked out about 15 minutes later by a Q7os, when I then played AK aggressively since I was only left with about 6BBs (I shoved pre-flop). It has been quite frequent in the last 2-3weeks especially since I built up a BR of about 1.2k before the last 3 weeks playing MTTs. :s_cool: so back to the question. I constantly see that many of my trash hands actually would do well, but I stick to the Poker-Strategy lessons and work on my A-Game. Should I try more trash hands or stick to the plan? ?(
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    • YinYangS
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      you were profiting right? then stick to the plan. :s_cool:
    • Jim4rdo
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      Hey man,

      definitely don't bother to play trash hands. It's just not worth it.

      Just stick tight and play a-b-c poker. Soon you'll be nicking money of those geezers with trash hands no problem :)

    • Fagin
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      Trash hands are called "TRASH" hands for a reason - they are trash, so do with them what you would do with any other trash and throw them away.

    • Svizac28
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      are you serious OP?

      complaining about AJo sucking out against your aces... you should be happy there are such awfull oponents like that guy with AJ
    • Bliausmas
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      You should play more trash hands, they are profitable if played correctly.
    • Alficor1
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      Originally posted by Svizac28
      complaining about AJo sucking out against your aces... you should be happy there are such awfull oponents like that guy with AJ
      [ ] Awful opponent.

      Super standart 3bet ship by a shortstack against lp raisor imo. The guy didnt do anything wrong, OP just got unlucky.

      @Bliausmas yeah he should def start playing 72 as well and post his bluffs at that guy's thread.