Micro limits... Is it worth for it?

    • Radagast13
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      How can I beat the micro limit 9max turbo SnG (1-2$)?

      I am reading the articles of SnG strategy but I suppose that on these limits it is more game of luck than strategy.. The variance is enormous..

      FYI.. for higher limit have no BR..

      Thanks a lot for answers.
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    • richard1817
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      more than beatable
    • MojaDunja
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      its beatable. I start to play SNGs 2$ buy in TURBO one table in january. I grind around 1000+ tournaments on 2$. In this 1k+ tournaments, had very big variance. i was crashing down for around 40-50 BI. then i play break even . Then thigs start to get on better. Now i grind 6$+0.50. I suggest you to watch some videos and train ICM.

    • Hlynkinn
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      the luck factor would feel smaller in micro sng's due to the fact that your edge shouuuuuuuld be way bigger than anyone can maintain on the higher limits...
    • evertonroar
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      if you cant beat the micros, dont even bother with the higher limits
    • farbwenz
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      you should check the rake, play on a site with 10% + rakeback and you can't lose. i suggest everest, games take 1h+, even turbos are quite slow.
      that should improve ur edge (while ur hourly is quite small) . and if u still lose, ur at least donating it to better poker players, not to the room;-)
      for the beginning u cuold think about playing double or nothings, because variance is a bit lower there.