Ok i wanna cry and punsh fulltilt in his face

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      i mean... i join that site, to keep increasing my br... i play husng btw at one point i've reached where i can finally play 22, and i mean come on, thats pretty micro stakes, i all donkies in the world beat the shit out of me. I've lost 20 last games. I mean, either am hitting complete NOTHING and they keep betting into me, or i hit and they fold. i mean i have AA KKQQ and guys who call 99% OPP just fuckin folds. AND THATS CONSTANTLY.

      And i have to confess something. After constantly loosing my money to these donkies i find myself by the rush tables. Nl50-nl100. and almost all the times i won my money back.

      then again i sit to play husng and lose the whole fuckin thing... i know am a fuckin donk myself if i sit on the tables where i dont even fuckin belong but FUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK i've been grinding this shit for quite some time now, and i WISH AT LEAST that my oppoenents wouldnt be fuckin lucky !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Since i moved to ftp at party poker my roi was 8% and i won and cashouted quite some amount. I move to ftp and my roi is -16%. You know i make fun of all that crap and ppl who says that FTP or other sites are rigged, but when i see this shit... in the back of my head those words start to whisper...

      Anyway, this is my one of few winny threads... just wanted to let it all out... thats all... somewhere where ppl understand...
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