Limping a lot with marginal hands in later/ blind positions.

    • Vepof
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      Is that a bad thing?

      I do this a lot: When i'm in BB, SB, BU or later positions i always limp with hands like: A3+, K9+, Qx and even Jx. And also with small connecting cards suited or not.

      Is that a bad thing? In my mind, i am gambling the blind so i can hit something in flop.

      How bad (or good) is that?
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    • Kodark
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      raise. That way the blinds will often fold and you wont have to risk a flop with marginal hands.
    • Slimijs
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      Raising with these kinds of hands in late positions are common practice in NL poker. If your are not raising these hands in late position you have a leak.

      Also there are spots were also you should reraise a late position raiser with these hands.