questions about signing up for WH for PS promo

    • belayd
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      I'm thinking of signing up on William Hill for the $50 PokerStrategy promo. After reading the information on PS and reviewing the recent threads in this subforum, I have several questions.

      First, most people in this subforum talk about playing SNGs and MTTs. I am strictly a cash player. Currently I play 2NL. Is it worthwhile signing up for William Hill to play 2NL?

      Second, if my starting bankroll drops below $50 thanks to a downswing, shall I still be permitted to open a new 2NL table?

      Third, I can deposit only using a prepaid Canadian MasterCard or direct bank debit (NOT bank wire, but Canadian EFT). Are these deposit methods usable on WH? I've heard horror stories about players trying to deposit on British poker sites using MasterCards.

      Fourth, assuming everything goes smoothly, how long will it take to clear the $50 in rake four-tabling 2NL for about four hours a day?

      If I think of any more questions I'll append them to this thread. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your responses.
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    • Midazolam
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      Hey belayd,

      ad 1.
      I think it is. There many tables and a lot of weak players.

      ad 2.
      You can play NL2 as long as you have money in your account.

      ad 3.
      You can deposit with a Mastercard. But i don´t know if there are any exceptions for Canadian MasterCard. I think best way to handle it, is to ask the William Hill customer support.

      ad 4.
      This is quite difficult to answer. This depends on your stile and table selection.
      I assume that it will be no problem to reach $50 before the 150 days are over.

      Best regards
    • belayd
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      Thanks, Midazolam. Today I did pass the quiz and my $50 is on its way to William Hill as we speak.

      I see an option in the deposit menu on William Hill for prepaid MasterCards but don't know whether those are Canadian prepaid MasterCards or U.S. checking-account-based debit cards. I'll ask William Hill about that.