HU CG vs SnG

    • THESHade
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      I d like to play HU PLO (ooor maaybe PLO8) but I dont have roll for PLO50 HU + rake is high there + I am a PLO fish so I was thinking that if I should start at HU SnGs?
      Would it be easy to transiton to CG afterwards? Are there some materials for this? (smwhere)?

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    • Ribbo
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      My personal opinion is that PLO makes for a terrible tournament game and a great cash game. That said, tournaments have always been a cheap way of getting game experience (so long as you don't bust out first hand!) :f_biggrin:

      I don't keep my finger on the pulse concernings sit and goes or tournaments, so maybe someone else can help you out here.
    • MP89EST
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      Irooz used to grind HU PLO SNGs try to contact him
    • mancikaa
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      I started to play latelty Omaha HU Sngs, and i have to say its the easiest game of my life ever. Tho im also not an Omaha talent (yet :f_cool: ) but if u know the rules (its very important, beginners often are not in picture and think they can make a flush with one hole card) than its already enough to win. Cash is very risky, but HU sng is very good to gain experience. I think generally its very easy to play, you dont have to think so much, either you have/draw to the nuts, or fold.