[NL2-NL10] NL2 SH, 88 from SB

    • MikeF
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      MoneyFunnel (UTG+1): $2.12
      v Malai v (CO): $2
      BA02 (Button): $5.51
      HERO (SB): $2.19
      HeyitsClay (BB): $2
      JPFB (UTG): $2.52

      Dealt to HERO 8:spade: 8:club:

      (3 folds), BA02 raises to $.11, HERO calls $.10, HeyitsClay calls $.09

      Flop: ($.33) 8:heart: 3:diamond: 4:heart: (3 Players)
      HERO bets $.30, HeyitsClay calls $.30, (1 folds)

      Turn: ($.93) 9:heart: (2 Players)
      HERO bets $.32, HeyitsClay calls $.32

      River: ($1.57) K:spade: (2 Players)
      HERO bets $.30, HeyitsClay raises to $1.27 and is all-in, (1 folds), HeyitsClay returns $.97

      HeyitsClay wins $2.03

      i don't really like my bet sizing on the turn and the river, was kinda scared hard by the flush possibility.. would like some advice on what line to take here, check/call, check/call?
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    • veriz
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      Hello MikeF,

      Turn: For the reason that the flush hit on turn I even sometimes like to play Check/Call there for the reason would be ugly if we get raised and it could very often be a flush and we wouldn't get that great odds anymore. But while we still can hit FH on river if we Check/Call and even likely get the implied odds. And if you want to bet then yes, do it bigger, such a small bet just indicates you are scared of the flush.

      As played
      River: You could as well just Check/Call and take a look how he does react here. Although when you are betting then the block-bet/Fold somehow works but the question now is if he can as well shove here with 2pairs?

      Best regards.