How long to spend on pre-flop material?

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    • Salivanth
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      The way I did it was by using the charts for pre-flop play while learning post-flop play. Eventually, I didn't need the charts any more. Post-flop is a lot harder to play to an acceptable level, while the charts let you play pre-flop adequately.

      Eventually, you'll want to move beyond the charts, but for now, focus on post-flop. You'll memorise the charts with enough experience, and then have a solid pre-flop base.
    • justkyle88
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      Hey CanuckPokerPlayer,

      The benefits of learning post-flop hands and what hands to play in certain positions is that you don't get into to many tricky post-flop situations which can get you in trouble.
      The easier you make it on yourself pre-flop then the easier it will be post-flop.

      So learn as much as you can pre-flop then build up from there.