Just to let every body know im cashing out

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      so to cut a long story short, i went bust on full tilt, and ive been playing ipoker sites and pokerstars since not really been bothered depositing in full tilt 9 although i love the site, and hate it ) but, ive had a continuous friday of getting rake back on my full tilt account, i'd get like 2$ here and then lose it and get 1$ the next week and so on and so on.

      soooooooo, i checked my account just there remembering it was friday and i seen i had $1.60 wowwwwwww grinding time ;)

      i played a rush $1.10 mtt just for a laugh while i searched for a few games on MLG, well before i knew it i was winning every hand, well any way i came 7th or 8th cant really remember i think it was 7th, and i won $16, so i sat at a 10c,25c PLO table, i said to myself i would get up if i win $50 ( hypoteticaly, of course) just so i oculd play 1c/2c with BRM ;) well after a few hands i now have $63.29, not a bad achievement haha,

      just thought i'd share it with you al, as apposed to a bad beat story or a RIGGGGGED STORY

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