I used to live in Japan.

    • LewwyJ
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      I've lived in Japan for 14 of my 21 years.

      I was wondering is there a password or something for Japanese freeroll?

      I live in the U.K now, so maybe I'm not allowed.

      Just wondering :)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi LewwyJ,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      I'm not aware of such a freeroll, I'm guessing it's either one for a different community or maybe a benefit tournament for the terrible devastation that's occured there.

      Our thoughts are of course with our friends from the region.

    • Kodark
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      Thats the FTP sponsored freerolls. I wouldnt attempt to join any of them that you do not qualify for, though im not sure you could without a proxy and even then people are gonna see your "United Kingdom" tag on avatar and report you and you will be banned.

      So in short no.
    • Hajler
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      Yes you can join them.

      They post the password on the Japanese community forums just before the freeroll. If you understand Japanese you shouldn't have any problem finding a link from the main page.

      I think they do them every week or so, I played in one a few months back when I was super bored. :f_biggrin: