minor windfall--how to invest?

    • belayd
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      I am expecting a minor windfall over the next couple of weeks and am not sure how to invest it. These appear to be the choices:

      1) Play 25NL across one or two sites (likely either only PokerStars or both PokerStars and Party Poker)

      2) Play 10NL, register both PT3 and HEM and pay for a DragTheBar subscription

      3) Play 5NL and do everything under number 2 plus invest in a coach.

      My total experience so far is about 8K hands at 4NL and 2NL on Party and I'm bleeding about -4 BB/100 so far.

      What do people suggest?
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    • Kodark
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      All depends on how good you already are.


      Ye missed the bottom part about your experience so far. Coaching is invaluable but you dont want to waste money on it yet as you can easily improve your game alot from the articles and videos on this site. Play ABC poker and keep studying until you can beat NL10 then think about investing in coaching and playing higher limits.
    • AMargaritaMan
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      definitely number 3, with -4BB/100