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My account has been locked, why ?

    • aielexdos
      Joined: 19.03.2011 Posts: 2

      I thought I’ll write here cause polish support doesn’t seem to care abort my situation.
      Few days ago I received a two sentence email stating that my account at pokerstrategy (nick is “aielex”) has been permanently locked by security department, and that that decision is final.
      As I haven’t done anything wrong I asked them to elaborate, and I got a response saying they can’t tell me why I have been banned “for security reasons”.
      As I previously stated I’m positive that I haven’t done anything in violation of the terms.
      I have thought long about it and I that security department mean either
      - Hacking – what I didn’t do, I have watched few videos above my pokerstrategy status (the 4min snippet) but I think it’s intended.
      - Multiple accounts – I have only one account here (well now I have to because I needed to make this to write this post, but I don’t intent to use it, it has been made on a disposable email)
      - Failed ID check – I passed the ID check (pokerstrategy employees have phoned my cell confirming its me)
      So I have arrived at only one conclusion
      -Spam or advertising – I might need to explain this one. At one polish MTT coaching user asked a question if is able to still get rake back on fulltilt even when he didn’t register with PS promotional code. I have told him that I did have the same problem with my FTP account and after writing to FTP support they pointed me to the other site. And that ill give the address to him on the private message ( I didn’t wanted to give it in public coaching I thought is against the rules) And I wrote a private message to him with site address in the subject , and the rest with an explanation to his other question ( how much does one FTP cost him in rakeback ).

      As I’m fairly certain that’s the reason I got banned, can support please sort it out, you can ask the user I have been writing back and forth with.

      If its other reason please have in mind I didn’t really intent on doing anything sinister, and just used the site normally improving my poker game.
      I really like this site and I would love to see my account get reinstated or at least an answerer explaining my wrong doings.
      I hope the account I just made to make this post isn’t a problem, I wont use it for other things than writing this post.
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