Push -> Get Called By Limper -> Lose

    • Navrark
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      I am getting mangled today by players who are limping and then calling my All Ins. I will have an "M" of 4 - for example - and I have to push with K9 in the SB over the limper who's VP$IP will be 30+, and sure as guns the limper will call with A9.

      I mean, I know when my opponent's VP$IP is 8 and PFR 6 that it is a little odd for him to limp in the late game. But these tards with the big VP$IP are killing me tonight, because I can't tell why they are limping.

      How do I deal with these situations? Should I treat limpers before me as All Ins or Raises? Is there a lesson on this here at PS? I am having a heck of a time trying to Google any info on this and I'm not sure why.

      Should I maybe just push with hands that I would be willing to do a Steal Reraise with in the middle phase? Maybe that is the best solution...

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    • pzhon
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      I missed something. Why do you have to push with K9 from the SB after a limper with an M of 4? Pushing can be ok, but you might also fold, or just complete.

      You should not treat limps as pushes. The range a player has for a limp is very different from the range the player has for pushing. Usually, players will have a weaker range for limping than for pushing. Casual players will often limp with hands that look pretty, but which they don't think are good enough to push. Occasionally they will trap with a monster, but that is more common among more serious players. After you push, a casual player will probably call with good odds, but will call with only the better limping hands without odds.

      Limping, then calling a push, is usually a weak play. If you can estimate the ranges, then you can exploit players who do this much more easily than you can exploit players who mainly open-raise instead.
    • maikii23
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      From my experience I can tell u, that its not so profitable to push, if u got so low stack as your example - M=4. Those pushes works much better if u got similar or higher stack as limper, then usually he tend to fold instead of calling your push.