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      Hello everyone. My name is steve, steve grey. I am originally from across the pond in the united states. I grew up there in texas, and when to cornell university and majored in business and political science. Yes i double majored but it wasnt too hard. Heck thats where i learned poker. There was a game every tuesday nice, gosh it was some good times. I am now 28 and work at a private investment firm in the uk. I moved to the united kingdom when i was 25 for a job. I worked my bum off in law school at cornell also. Then i got to study abroad my final year and was an interm or a legal bitc* as we like to call it. But then i got a job offer that same year and got my stuff from home and moved to chelsea. Its a great place to be. I am now engaged to a beautiful women and my poker game is going well live. My original poker br live was 200 dollars now it is 42.000 euros. after a few big tourny wins and some good br managment. I love this community and just passed the quiz. I am looking forward to starting my poker bankroll online at full tilt poker. I just wanted to say hi and have a good day to all of you. The colour of my fingers is almost red now after typing. well nice to meet you and good luck of the felt!

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