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      Hey PStrat community,

      I'm a university student in northern British Columbia Canada. I've been playing poker for some time now -- I know I've surpassed the 100k hand mark on stars for cash games. But I'm clearly not reeling in the money haha. At first when I saw this site obviously I had my doubts (who just gives away money?), but looking on the forum I was pleasantly surprised! The sense of community here and the presence of the mods in the forum was a really nice change from most forums that just use mods to keep the forum in order as opposed to contribute.

      I signed up here for a couple of reasons:
      One, free 50 ;)
      Two, to help fix some of the leaks in my game that I may not have picked up on yet
      and three, because I have some friends who I feel are having difficulty grasping the fundamental concepts to the game so this site would prove as both a starting point ($50) and a useful tool to help them in future endeavours.

      Looking forward to seeing how this site works out!

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