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    • AKM247
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 412
      Hey boys n girls!

      I was reading the article for Steals & Resteals and wanted to dicuss Steals for the moment.

      In particular how often does the 3bb Steal have to work for it to be profitable on long term?

      The Steal article states that is must be successful 66.66% of the time, that is to say 2 times out of 3, however this would just mean you are breaking even;

      If you played this 3 times with 0.05/0.10 then you would have invested a total 0.90 (3 x 3bb).
      If it worked 66.66% of the time you would have $0.30 profit from the 2x 1.5bb you stole, the third time if you were re-raised AI and folded, it would have cost you $0.30 (3bb). So your investment has not paid off I think?

      The article mentions an inequation; EV = x•1.5 bb – (1-x)•y bb > 0 but in all honesty I have not entirely grasped the formula. (If anyone would be so kind as to explain the bold dot symbol and inequation that would be just lovely)

      But with basic calculations I guess that this would need to be successful 75% of the time. Please correct me if you believe otherwise.

      If this was the case, would it be profitable to steal with any two hole cards, since you only need the steal to work 3 out of 4 times? Or would this effect your stats and table image to the point where nobody folds your steal?

      All feedback and suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.

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    • dadaas
      Joined: 16.03.2010 Posts: 88
      its simple math, you say it works 66% so out of 10 times you will get 6.6 times. and you say that u use 3xBB, that means it cost you 30BBs to steal. and if you are on button that brings you back 6.6x3 BBs(your blinds)(19,8) + 1.5BB(bb+sb)x6.6(9)= 28,8 so no 66 is not enough. BUT if you raise with 2BB then it is enough but then agaain your not sure if you will be 66% sucesful.