moving down a limit?

    • Svizac28
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      Hi guys

      I recently took a free bankroll offer (not from but from some other site) and got $25 on Poker 770. I wasn't busto or anything I still have my main bankroll where I play NL25 and PLO10. I was like, it's free money why not take it and have some fun in the micros...

      However I figured I can't beat NL2 anymore. I have beaten it before, in fact I built my entire bankroll starting from NL2 and PLO2. But now I just can't take it seriously after having played NL10 and NL25. I play too many hands and make horrible calls because "it's just $1".

      So it got me wondering, if I would have to move down a limit I'm not sure I could take it seriously and grind my way back up. I'd probably only sink deeper down.

      How do you deal with that?
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