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    • IrishKev
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      I searched the forums but couldnt find the answer I'm looking for.

      The email address I use for Full Tilt was unexpectedly closed last week. I had been recieving my rakeback every Friday but had not, I assumed it was a delay. Today, however, I found out my email account was inactive since Thursday.

      Will I lose the rakeback i was due to recieve (which I believe is $40) or will I still be able to recieve it? Also will changing my email registered with FT have an impact on future rakeback?

      Thanks in advance,

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    • EdVardenis
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      I believe it does have any relation ship with your RB. Only you get an email, that you got the RB. But you also can check that in the Cashier>History>Past Transactions. ;) I guess you can easily change the email, just contact the FTP support ;)
    • qnb07
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      your email adress has nothing to do with your rakeback. ftp just sends you an email confirming you received money in a transaction. it does this for all money you get not just rakeback.
      you can change your email as often as you want np.
    • IrishKev
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      Is it just coincedence that I recieved no rakeback Friday?

      I wasn't sure if their deposit email bounced if it would still clear?

      I've emailed FT i'll post what they say