Sit and go's

    • Rizdabizniz
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      Is there such a thing as a standard time limit sit'n'go at party poker? I played a turbo one and came 1st or 2nd I dont recall. What I do know is that it was basically a crap shoot. I hated it. I know Full tilt have normal tourneys and I enjoy playing there, but are there any at PP?
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    • jonnyquest
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      If you're playing micros then no. I'm not sure at what buy in regular speed and rake SNGs start. Party is probably the worst for micro SNG players.
    • jasonforan
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      Nope regular speed sit n gos(10min blinds) start at $6 and there still not that great imo because the jump in blinds go up pretty fast(20/40, 30/60/, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400 etc with a 2000 starting stack) Did a bit of research and find that poker stars and bodog seem to have the best blind structures for sit n gos( 10/20,15/30 ,25/50 ,50/100 ,75/150 ,100/200,200/400 with starting stack of 1500)which id say il be moving to soon once i clear my sign up bonus with party
    • bohemiagrove
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      I play the 1table full ring turbo sng's.
      I like it far more then the fulltilt version.
      It takes far less time and the format is far beter