PLO Leaks??

    • ejietdirst00
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      Hi guys :)

      Just joined this great Community and get my first starting capital in William HIll by the way I am doing pretty well.
      I have some Experience in poker before pokerstrategy mostly in NLH.
      But now i found Omaha games in William hill are so profitable(in Micro stakes) thats why Iam try to improwe my PLO skills :D

      So my question is How can i find leaks in my game I now i have so so so so much of them. I think i have problems whit AAxx in 3bet pots.

      How you guys improve your game??

      I realy I appreciate if someone give me some Tips our somethink :)

      Sorry about poor Language!
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    • SickAtHome
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      Post your hands in the Hand Evaluation forums!
      I used to post the max. (10 hands) every day but don't have time anymore =(
    • pogodon
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    • ejietdirst00
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      Thanks for replies guys.

      Further on I try to post 1 hand in a day :)

      I still cannot read the strategy articles about PLO :( because PS don't have upgrade my account yet and thats why i 'am still bronze but I read all bronze articles about Omaha :)

      I just wondered what are good VP$IP/PFR 3bet stats for 6max Omaha? I have 35/15 5
    • Waiboy
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      A VPIP of 35 is really high for 6max. A better range for VPIP/PFR is something more like 20/12 - 27/20.

      A 3 bet % of 5 is fine, the trick is to make sure you are 3 betting the right players with the right hands in the correct position. Studying and posting hands helps. :f_grin:
    • GodlikeRoy
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      Actually I think in weak games you can get away with a lot higher VPIPs and 35% might be close to optimal. You might even want to get away with a higher amount, 40-45% if the games are very passive. You can limp a lot of hands that play well multi-way and hope to out flop/turn/river people and just win money with better hands/draws.

      I think the profitable range for vpip/pfr for 6max PLO is anywhere from 18/12 to 45/5 to 45/35 all depending on game conditions.

      In low stakes passive online games I find the higher VPIP/lower PFR style to be best.

      5% 3bet is pretty good too imo.

      Read articles, watch videos, post hand and practice practice practice :)
    • ejietdirst00
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      I play NL10 at William hill and these games are so loose ther are lot of people who goes allin with gutshot in multi way pots :f_biggrin:
      That's why I limp behind alot when i 'am hit I can play for staks :)

      I know whit that kind of play in higher limits I get crushed :f_eek:

      Waiboy? what tipe of players should i 3 bet?