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generel question

    • didopetbona
      Joined: 11.06.2010 Posts: 2
      Hello I have a general question about omaha high
      I see information averywhere that I should put it all in if I can get all in or most of my money pre flop with aces.
      But what really happens is AA** always loose.No matter if ti's double suited with broadway cards or with just craps.
      Is it just a bad downsing or it's reall life ?
      The last 7-8 times I lost got none of the all ins
      I start to doubt if it's really right to put all my money all in preflop with AA**
      What actually happens is somebody raises there is a reraise and I can put there like 60 or 70 % of my stack in so I just do it.However none of thse idiots is folding and we edn up in a all in confrantion 4 or 5 way pot.
      I put the results to a simulator and indeed it says the aces have the biggest percantage of it.
      It happened too many times to loose in this same spot and got nothing from these situations.
      So please tell is there really any advantage in doing it or am I just in a downsing and things will come to it's place?
      Or maybe it's just a small edge you have in this situation and it's pointless to do it because there is too much volatality in it ?
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    • MrDeran9ed
      Joined: 26.02.2011 Posts: 28
      Read question incorrectly, and thus supplied incorrect answers.

      My apologies - Deran9ed :f_cool: :spade:
    • pogodon
      Joined: 23.07.2010 Posts: 1,213
      im not a coach but ill give my opinion AAxx is not a super strong hand, i mean there is so many different factors you need to take into account,

      first of all HU, 6 MAX or FR

      for example say you raise from the button, then SB 3 bets BB 4 bets you gotta take your stack size into this man like how good is AA29o against 9 :spade: 10 :spade J :diamond: Q :diamond: and AAXX

      for me if im HU ill get it all in majority of the time but the majority of the majority i wont get it all in because opponent will either fold or just call 3bet/4bet

      playing 6 max i dont know what the best line is but i hat pushing pre flop if you have like AA92o you wont be more then 40% fav most times

      again thisis just my opinion