[Application] 20 x 2+25$ 18man

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hello everybody,
      I write for the first time in the english community. My name is Stefan and Im from Bulgaria. I started playing poker live 2 years ago. Since then I developed my live game and earned enough to pay my tuition fee in my university(Den Haag, Netherlands). Now Im playing 1/2 in Holland Casino and Im definitely going to try Dutch Open this year. Im very disciplined and I like everything to be in its order. I try to play the Big Stack Strategy and Im trying to execute it as good as I can. I love to use mathematics and logic in my game. I started playing online poker MTT tournaments 4 months ago. I have around 500$ winnings of tournaments and 800$ playing cash, but the last month was quite a downfall, because I couldnt play much - I had to study a lot and was distracted - it affected the stats. Now I want to prove myself that I can keep up my game to my live standarts. I read all the materials and I want to prove myself and everybody that I can play online poker too. My request is for staking 20 tournaments 2+25$ 18-man in Full Tilt. I played them and I feel quite comfortable. I offer 100% of the shares 45$. Im willing to split 40/60 in favour of the stakers and I offer also 50% guaranteed stake re-fund on 1.04(because I can pay you on this date) no matter the outcome. If I have winnings you recieve the 50% as a bonus, If not you recieve them as insurance.

      5% - 2,25$
      10% - 4,50$
      20% - 9$
      50% - 22,50%
      100% - 45$

      You can send money to my Full Tilt account: bstefanogg
      Feedback for bstefanog
      Everything is correct and I'd have no problem to put everything on paper(email) as a guarnatee if you daubt me. Thank you in advance!
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