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Playing With Maniacs!!

    • bleemo
      Joined: 29.12.2007 Posts: 43
      hey guys i wrote this in a different forum...

      I am a "semi" pro poker player and i usually play 10-20 limit and up on

      a few different sites around the net and 15-30 live games.

      I hope this helps some of you and mods you are free to contact me if you

      would like to see more of what I write and have written.

      HI..I saw quite a few posts of or players complaining about "BAD" players on the site and would like to shoot you my observations from a "semi pro" point of view. feel free to comment with any observation you may have,agree or disagree ..but here's how i see it:

      Players who seem to have WSOP synrome and go ALL IN 5-7 hands out of your AA and KK over with 73o and generally put you on TILT in 30 dollars or less.

      Welcome to the world of NO-LIMIT MANIACS my friends.. it's an often scary world where your BR may get crippled in one hand from making an obviously GREAT call with high pockets..running flushes and/or straight potential.

      DON'T be scared!...My game(and bankroll) simply THRIVES from having one or two maniacs at my table!

      REMEMBER a few things...

      #1 MANIAC is a STYLE of play..there are many styles of play and sometimes maniac can be profitable in the lshort run for these players. Ever get so angry at the fool who called your AA 12 dollar raise with 42o and hit 2 pr to smoke you?..There is a reason for this..YOU ARE NOW OFF OF YOUR GAME! You are only concentrating on running the manaiac over with the same "DUMB" call the maniac made to run over your AA. BAM!! now he's gotcha! NEVER type anything other than NH or N1 even tho inside(and verbally).."YOU &&%$##@#@ IDIOT!!.if you show anger, will only confirm what the maniac already knows...HE OWNS YOU NOW!! an opponent to this style. you should never confirm you anger with type(online game).or any gesture in a live game

      #2 MANIACS are generally VERY POOR players with LOTS of cash...remeber this when you're calling thier outragous raises..MANIACS ALSO HIT!! with little fear of the reprisals or short term loss of money they incurr when they are beat by a superior hand..they will usually ALWAYS bring a HUGE stack to a intimidate you

      #3 MANIACS thrive on getting you off of your game..then when they catch a monster they'll push it to the MAX hoping the last 3 hands you lost to them will make you steamed enuff to call.


      first of all...the maniac style, for obvious reasons, only works short

      term..USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! know for sure he'll call any

      raise you throw into the pot BECAUSE HE THINKS HE HAS YA!..and besides

      he's already ran you over for a few good pots right?.THIS IS WHAT YOU

      WANT!!....he's already put the whole table on tilt with his crazee calls and

      18 dollar raises with 22 in the pocket NOW YOU STRIKE! patient wait
      for the good hands to come to you..and SMOKE EM OUT!...maniacs generally like to bluff with thier HUGE stacks..this is GOOD!..when you know u have the nutz..PUSH BACK!..he'll call....ohh how they'll call again..and again....and again...maniacs are good for a table and your BR.. IF you can afford to be patient and understand the style..i cannot tell you how many times i've changed from maniac to shark at a high-limit-NL game live, or online to profit trememdously from putting a few "solid" players on tilt with retarded calls so BE CAREFUL..AND PATIENT...this style also can put a scare into calling great hands to the point of folding KK QQ JJ pre-flop due to thinking "man.... again ..DARE i call?" all means YES!! call! have no fear against these types of the long'll have a pretty nice BR playing good cards against them. LOVE THE MANIACS!!...well i hope this helped...cheers ..

      I AM THE FREAK!!

      FEAR ME!!
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