hey guys this is the place where eveone can shere there worst session/s and downswing/s. the wast 4/5 days I experienced the worst variation I could imagine :X I play at fulltilt pokerstars and bwin at fulltilt it was the worst :X:X lost 5 pots of 80$ i every one I was 90% favorite o the turn and the river aways hit the other guy. lost 15 coinflips in a row( doesn't matter if I had AKs vs 99 or i if had the QQ vs AK(15 in a row) if thats not sick I don't know what is.Also I wost 11 times with AA vs (KK;75s(all in preflop);89o;even 2 times vs AK and AJ).I'm beginning to think that fulltilt rig the games because all of the times I got sucked out it happened against an american player(maby they do that so their players "can do better" :@ or maby the make it so players so play more friquently win most of the coinflips(and the 2 outers :| ) these sort of things happen only in online poker(at live tables there only a few bad beats like this) I've been playing online poker for a year now and I've lost my fulltilt broll maby 13 times and every time usin broll management(when you get sucked out 19 times out of 20 you play there isn't much you can do exept to quit poker(but I cannot quit until I've won back the money I've lost to suck outs. At pokerstars the thing is the same had the worst week so many suck outs in a row that I just cannot believe that the site is not rigged. Now I understand how some players turn a broll from 10$ to 10 000 in a week the damn donkey just won every flip he had and every hand that he had more than1% chance of winnig The worst thing is that I read in blogs and in sites that every one had down swings and up swings but for the past year I havent seen and experienced what an upswing is...:@:@:@ It's really hard to play and turn a profit when every hand up get ot an all in before the river op get a bad beat. If anyone of you has had a simiral experience pleace write back I'd like to discuss what happened and most importantly why it happened.