Hello everyone!

I've been playing Rush poker for the past 3 months. I've played FR at the beginning (NL10/25) and then SH (NL50/NL100). I managed to get from like 100$ on FTP to 3.500$ in this time, when I started playing really badly (or maybe I was playing badly all the time, except I had huge amount of luck, who knows...) and went on a 1000$ downswing, so I decided to end this catastrophy before it gets any worse. Anyway I cashed out additional 1000$, so I'll be continuing in the next days with BR around 1500$.

So, basically, my question is, what to do now? I have 3 choices, and I need your advice on the matter.

One way is to start playing normal game, which would mean starting NL25 SH (FR is not an option). The other way is to stick to the Rush poker, and here I could choose between FR or SH.

I would really like to hear some opinions of more established poker players on the matter. As for myself, these are the pros and cons as I see them:

Normal NL SH:
+ Ability to develop my game
+ Relatively smaller swings versus Rush poker
+ Less nit-ier game

- Less volume = less RB = less FTPoints (=less cash bonuses)
- Have to play 6+ tables to reach a decent volume (I really dislike playing more than 6 tables)
- It will be hard to get used to the "slowliness" of the normal games compared to the RUSH at the Rush tables

Rush NL:
+ Huge volume = huge RB = more cash bonuses
+ No need for table selection
+ Less need to worry about table image / balancing
+ Easier and faster way to build up BR ?
+ Easier to maintain Black Card status (especially while playing NL25)
+ Easier to maintan Diamond status (especially while playing NL25/50)

- Huge swings (even on a daily basis)
- Far less ability to improve pokerwise

Anyway, I would really like for you guys to add some constructive opinions on the matter, and if you think playing Rush is better, which type, FR or SH?

I'll start writting a blog here on PS.com after I decide about this, and will try to get real serious about poker.